Window Cleaning Safety Tips: Top 9 Tips To Avoid Accidents When Cleaning Windows


When it comes to cleaning windows, the risks you are exposing yourself are really significant, especially if you have to climb on a ladder to wash them, so making sure that you take all precaution measures is a must. Household accidents are responsible in America for 18,000 deaths and it's your responsibility to make sure that you are part of the statistics. Here are some things you need to keep in mind before starting to clean windows:

1. It seems that ladder accidents are really common, no matter if you are cleaning windows or doing some other job around the house. Make sure that your ladder is sturdy and it will not break under your weight. Stretching and moving a lot while on the ladder increases the risk of falling, so make sure that you avoid that as much as you can.

2. If your windows are very high, you should buy a telescopic window cleaner, that's a really good investment that might save you from a broken leg.

3. If you plan to drink and clean windows, you are exposed to high risks. Drinking will interfere with your sense of balance so these two things never go together. Why not enjoy that glass of wine after you cleaned your house? The same rule applies if you are taking medication that might give you dizziness or you do not feel well.

4. If you are pregnant let someone else do the window cleaning.

5. Using different chemicals for cleaning might lead to injuries, burns or other accidents. Make sure that you are protected from those by wearing gloves and even protection glasses to avoid any cleaning product from getting in your eyes.

6. If the glass you are cleaning looks like moving, you should stop and check if it's properly fixed. You do not want it to fall off and cut yourself with it. Also, do not apply a lot of pressure when you are cleaning the windows, there are many people who cut themselves because the glass simply breaks when they are too concentrated about cleaning that window.

7. Make sure that you are not allergic to one of the compounds in your window cleaning products. This is a must if you do not want to end up in the hospital after cleaning windows.

8. Try not to smoke because some of the window cleaning products may be flammable. Smoke after you clean the windows and if you just can not keep yourself from smoking, take a break, have a smoke and continue afterward.

9. Keep children away from cleaning products or other chemicals you use.

Even professional window cleaners have a lot of accidents each year, so you should take all the precautions you can if you do not want something harmful or even fatal happen to you.

Source by Nathan Bowman

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