What Is The Best weight loss plans

weight loss plan

What Is The Best weight loss plans

hi everyone welcome back to my website today is hopefully going to be something that changes your mom’s I hope that this article absolutely changes your mom and you have the best freaking 30 days of your life and if this cost anything if this was something that you know you have to pay for I believe in this so much that I’d say first of all I pay to do it or I would say something like try this or your money back that’s how much I believe in this this is the real deal forget about anything else this is the real deal many people say that they don’t even know how to lose weight on what plan to follow available what to do try this so things that I would like you to have for this article one a notebook or a piece of paper and a pen or pencil and that’s it so Paul’s be really quick go get those things and then come back because I want you to take notes for this article this is going to be the 30 days that separates you from last year the year before yesterday anything going on in your life at stinked whether it’s your financial situation whether it’s you want to get into college whether it’s how you’re doing in high school so grab your piece of paper notebook preferably a notebook something that you can keep with you um and yeah that’s inserted so then we get into the 30 day plan I would like to ask you guys a question and you can jot this down in your notebook if you want but we’re just weight loss star how do you start to lose weight so some people are going to say you have to eat healthy and I talked about that all the time of my website so that’s your first guest that’s an amazing guest but no it’s wrong and then some people are going to say you have to you know go to the gym you have to work out and that’s also wrong that is not step one step one are you ready for it because this is this is it like guys no one and people are not going to teach you this because this doesn’t cost money and nobody can make money teaching you this but okay step one you ready for this starts here start to the brain and you’re probably thinking about now why did I click on this article this is not what I signed up for like what the heck just give me a 30 day nope that’s it that’s the plan and I’m going to tell you how you’re going to change your mind in 30 days how you’re going to eat healthier basically hypnotize yourself to do better and that’s why I said you can apply this to anything and this plan was created by somebody who is smarter than me it was created by a Earl Nightingale and even if you don’t know him you probably have seen his quotes on Instagram and I put one in the beginning of this article and what I did is I tailored it for fitness success so yes you can’t lose weight but think about all the times that you’ve tried in the past what stopped you you what stopped me me write down your big picture goal if your big picture goal is to lose a hundred pounds write that down if your big picture goal is to have abs like my my big picture goal last year was have abs I don’t care how superficial that was I think well a lot of people do wrong and this is what we read and different motivational sites it’s like be realistic you know put your little goal and then you’ll work up to your big goal no the big goal is what motivates us in his 30-day challenge plan whatever you want to call it is that you need to write down your bank picture goal don’t just say I want to lose weight and get in shape that that isn’t a goal I can tell the universe hey I want to lose weight and get in shape but it’s not specific enough that’s why a lot of times we attract bad things in our life because we’re specific about what we don’t want right like we’re like I don’t want to gain weight I don’t want to gain 10 pounds before my birthday and only gain 10,000 for our birthday so be as specific as you can ok it’s a step number 2 and this is very important to write down so that you don’t forget is to pick your start date so if you know tomorrow is your birthday and you’re going to be eating cake and cupcakes or its somebody else’s birthday and you’re going to be eating those things tomorrow or today it’s not going to be a good start date because you know tomorrow you’re going to fail if you have those things be realistic with yourself when is a good time to actually start this that you say you know what I can give myself a full 30 days and this is what I’m going to do and I’m not going to look back because that’s what I did and that’s why I’m still here doing it because I gave myself that full 30 days of no breaks of just doing it and the reason why it’s so important to pick your start date is because he says if you fail so say you do this for a week and then you’re eating healthy you’re working out and then next week you binge and you’re not through those things you have to start your 30 days over again he says you can’t just like pick up and he’s so write your notebook you’re going to have your start date and then count from 30 days from there what’s your ending put that there and remind yourself if I give up I have to start all the way from a you start date and do all the work all over again except number three that I want you to write down is change the image of yourself whoever you are now they’re gone that’s it bye bye then – not your good qualities not your kindness for others and not your ability to make people laugh and make people feel welcome and make people feel like home no you want to keep those things and up in the past that that is an old story that’s not your story anymore that’s somebody else’s you know or that you’ve cheated on your diet before so what that’s not you anymore you’re you’re a different person out and it’s just like we here in law of attraction you know you wished that okay you put it out there that you want something and now pretend like you already have it number four is to not worry don’t worry it’s going to be given to you you decided your gate you decided who you’re going to be and now it’s coming to you take time it’s going to take those 30 days um but it’s coming to live like that don’t look what if this doesn’t work and I feel nervous I don’t even know what to do no there’s no more worrying this will work you don’t have to know how you don’t have to know all the tools that are going to get you there the universe figures that out they figure out the hard part you just have to know that you’re doing it you have to have the will and the start date that’s why it’s so important to write it down on like a note card or notebook or a piece of paper so that if you do have a worry because we’re human at the end of the day quickly grab your book or grab whatever you wrote down and read yourself these things I am this person it’s coming to me the universe says thirty days let me wait let me be patient and it’s coming to me step over vibe it’s a teacher salt self something new every single day so for myself I teach myself a new recipe I don’t always cook it I’m going to be honest my boyfriend loves to cook so sometimes I will show him a recipe and all like I’ll do like the dirty work but I’ll let chop up the vegetables and we’ll go grocery shopping together and that’s one thing I teach myself a new recipe and a new workout every single that teach yourself one new thing a day my absolute favorite thing is Pinterest and that’s what I find all my meal ideas that’s where I find a lot of workout ideas and literally it’s as simple as what is a healthy dinner idea and a million things come up in recipes what is a healthy breakfast idea and a million things come up so if you’re about to make dinner and say you’re starting right now you want to start your 30 days now I would go into Pinterest and then I just put in healthy dinner ideas and that’s it and then a million things come up I do the same thing for lunch I do the same thing for snacks check over six is his biggest step ever I think he has it as number one but for me it made sense to plate last go about this like your life depends on it go about it like never before guerilla style like you’re throwing yourself into it and you’re going to go about it you’re going to get super passionate super pumped up like never before you know if you work early mornings and it requires you to wake up an hour earlier to help you reach your goal do that do something everyday that you wouldn’t normally do or that you would normally skip out on me it’s meal prepping on Sundays sometimes I don’t want to do it but I know I have to go about this like never before I have to go about this what I didn’t in the past that’s what’s going to separate me this 30 days from the last 30 days or last year or yesterday or anything like that go about it like never before join the new gym take the workout class when you start to do this you’re going to see things change in your favor what you put out the universe gives you ten times more so maybe you decide you know what I’m going to start waking up an hour earlier I mean go running in the morning and then I’m going to come home and eat breakfast and then go to work the universe is going to repay you big time I don’t know how because everybody’s story is different but for me it was something as simple as you know there were free workout classes at my gym so I started doing them and then I started meeting people figure out figuring out what they ate and what they did and all the sudden I started doing what they were doing and I was going to lose weight and get in shape out sticking to a routine so that’s everything guys I really you enjoyed this article share it with anybody that you also feel wah students 30 day challenge plan with you and yeah let me know how you’re doing comment down below if you’re going to do this plan I promise it works I prove it works so I love you guys so much LCC

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