What Is a Digital Photo Frame?

A digital picture frame is the ultimate for viewing your favorite pictures.

Do you need some picture frames? Well, not to say there is not a place for regular picture frames, but you should strongly consider buying a digital photo frame. A good digital photo frame is a very cool electronic device that lets you put in your memory card and make innovative slide shows with hundreds of your recent pictures. You can put in all of your pictures from your vacation or from your daughter’s wedding or whatever. There are some digital frames that will now let you put in video and even audio too. Plus, you can put digital transitions between the pictures to really give yourself a great slideshow to show your friends and family.

The prices of these digital photo frames have come down in recent years, too. Now you can get a frame for as little as $100 or so. If you are thinking of buying a digital frame, please keep a few things in mind:


The cheapest frames may tempt you with their low price, but you may end up with low quality images. You should only buy a digital photo frame with a 640X480 resolution or better. If not, you will have pixilated images that do not look good at all.

Screen Size and Aspect Ratio

You can buy frames from 7-15 inches, and most of the common ones will be around 10 inches usually. The bigger the display, the higher the price. You can find some frames that are very clean and ergonomic, and there are others that have mats and wood. These frames will do either 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio. Keep in mind that 4:3 is going to provide you the best fit for most of your pictures. 16:9 frames are going to need to crop your pictures to make them fit.

Not Just Images

Having the best image quality in your digital frame is great, but there is more involved. Do you need to be able to use the frame to see pics in both landscape and portrait? Do you want to view video and listen to audio? Do you need to put in pictures from the Web?

Think About Who Is Using It

There are some digital frames that have a lot of higher end features, such as wi-fi, web browsers, internet radio, news feeds, and more. This is great but it can be a bit much for a rookie user. If you just want to use it for viewing photos, find a digital frame that just has a USB port and a memory card slot. You will pay less and you will not confuse the user.

Source by Joseph Pickett

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