What Can Aloe Vera Heal?


Aloe vera has a great reputation for putting the kibosh on painful, sunburned skin by cooling and taking the heat out of the burn, and allowing it to begin the healing process. But what else can that slimy gel do? Quite a lot actually; there's a reason aloe is called a "miracle plant." Its gel can heal burns, cuts, bites and more, and it's a great addition to organic beauty products. These are just a few of the ways you can put that bottle of healing gel to good use.

You know that aloe feels fantastic when you need to heal a sunburn after spending too many hours outdoors, but it also works on minor heat burns. If you accidentally brushed your hand against a stove burner or over-estimated the distance between your curling iron and your face, you can dab on a bit of topical gel to soothe the wound. The gel helps to reduce damage to the skin by protecting it and promoting healing.

Cuts and Scrapes
If you have a small cut or scraped skin, you can speed up the healing process by applying aloe hydrating gel. Wait until the wound has stopped bleeding and the skin is dry (which may take as long as 12 or 24 hours), then cleanse the skin. Apply a small amount of aloe, and allow it to absorb.

Some deep cuts are more likely to scar than small cuts, but you can help heal the skin so that scars will be less noticeable – or perhaps won't form at all. Scars are simply skin cells that are produced more quickly than usual and are therefore composed of different tissues. Aloe helps bond the wound together for quicker healing so this tissue can be avoided. Be aware that aloe should not be applied directly to fresh, deep wounds; wait about 24 hours to ensure the cut is dry before applying. If a wound needs stitches, do not use aloe on it.

Stings and Bites
Unlike with cuts, you can apply aloe vera healing gel directly to insect bites and stings immediately after they occur to reduce the stinging pain. No matter what kind of bug or bee, you will feel the relief instantly.

If you suffer from adult acne, one way of healing acne is to add aloe into your skin-care routine. You can dab the gel onto existing blemishes to help them heal. You can also use the miracle plant on old acne scars, and after a few months of use, you may see a reduction in their appearance.

Aloe vera is excellent for the skin; it keeps skin hydrated without messing up the skin's moisture balance and soothes even painful skin ailments. Your skin will be healed and as good as new in no time.

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