Using Aloe Vera For a Tighter Vagina


Aloe Vera really is an amazing plant. It has been used for centuries in herbal medicine for some amazing properties it has. It is rumored to have positive effects for digestion, although this is not proven, but is mostly used to help with skin conditions such as eczema but also general skin care. Some preliminary studies have even linked Aloe Vera to helping with diabetes. It really is an interesting plant! But what does it have to do with using Aloe Vera for a Tighter Vagina?

Well, having an Aloe Vera plant is a good thing to have for many reasons, or having an Aloe Vera extract on hand is just as good to help with this. What we are looking for with Aloe in regards to your delicate lady parts are two things: One that it is what is called and Astringent, the other that it does help repair skin that has been stretched by repairing mirco-tears quickly.

Now, this will be much more helpful to women recovering after birth than others because your vagina was just put through an extremely stressful event that pushed it to its limit! The vagina is now in recovery mode repairing any small tears that might have appeared due to the extreme stretching. While the vagina is very elastic and does snap back into shape, it does lose something with each birth just like an elastic band might become looser if you stretch it too much as well. Tiny little microscopic tears will appear along your vaginal wall and muscles as it was stretched which take time to heal, and if they heal well you will be tighter down there basically!

Aloe Vera for a tighter vagina means that the extract for the plant will help heal the tears and stitch them back together much faster. Allowed you to return to normal quicker!

The second property is that Aloe Vera is an astringent. This means it will shrink the muscle tissue temporarily when used on skin. This will shrink your vagina a little when using it giving a temporary boost to tightness, but it might also make becoming aroused harder as well. It is a temporary measure that may work for some, but the healing properties are a much better option for those who have recently given birth. For others, kegel exercises are a much better way of helping with a permanent solution.

Source by Jenny Lisbett

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