The Real Cause of Peyronies Disease and What You Can Do About It


The Horror of Peyronies Disease

Peyronies Disease is a real shocker for any man that gets it.

When a man gets Peyronies Disease it usually happens in mid and later life. It can be a very scary and traumatic thing for any man to experience.

Your erections start to bend uncontrollably. And then they keep getting more and more bent until sexual intercourse is not possible and the erection itself has become extremely painful.

Not A Disease

It is very important for a man to understand what is happening to his penis and why. Then he can remedy the situation in a sane manner and not have to worry about it happening again.

First: Peyronies Disease is not a true “disease”. It is actually a very simple condition, like a broken leg, that is easy to remedy 99.99% of the time without penis surgery, penis injections, or drugs.

It simply got the name “disease” because it was named after the man who discovered why so many penises were “mysteriously” so. (This was in 1743. The man was Francois de la Peyronie. Back then everything was labeled a “disease”.) But, it is actually just a condition.

The bent penis that occurs in a Peyronies condition comes from scar tissue and/or fibrous plaque inside the penis. Usually the scar/plaque formation is in the corpus cavernosum (the two chambers that fill with blood and make a penis erect). But the scar(s) or plaque can be anywhere inside the penis.

The scar tissue and fibrous plaque are not as elastic (stretchable) as the normal tissue. So when the penis becomes erect, these tissues do not stretch as far as the normal tissue and the penis bends in the direction of the scar/plaque.

The scar/plaque is then called the cause of Peyronies Disease.

But, it is not.

The scar/plaque does cause the penis to bend on erection. Yes. BUT, the scar/plaque is actually just a symptom of the real problems.

The Real Causes

What caused the heavy scarring and plaque formation is the actual cause of this condition.

A normal small scar will usually not cause much of a problem with an erection.

But, the scar in a Peyronies “Disease” condition is usually an abnormally thick and heavy one. Often it is fibrous. The fibers being natures way of making a scar stronger and tougher.

Most men who get Peyronies (about 1 in 100) don’t even remember injuring their penis. So they think the whole situation is a mystery. But it is not.

Men who get Peyronies usually have 2 compromised health conditions:

  • Weak brittle blood vessels
  • Impaired healing ability

The weak blood vessels broke. In these men simply pulling the penis from their trousers too vigorously can make this happen. The injury can be, and often is, painless.

So the problem seems to have “just happened”. But, there is always a cause. Always.

The Problematic Scar

Then when the body went to repair the breakage it formed a scar.

If the body did not have the proper building materials (nutrients) to scar properly, it used any available materials it could to do the job. This is one of Mother Nature’s survival mechanisms. She doesn’t want you to bleed to death.

So, instead of creating a thin tough flexible scar, the body makes a thick fibrous heavy scar which is actually no stronger than what a thin tough normal scar would have been.

This thick fibrous scar has very little elasticity. So when the erection forms the penis bends. And that bend gets worse and worse for about 6 months as the scar gets thicker and thicker.

Normally after about 12 – 18 months a scar softens and becomes more elastic. This is why about 40% of men who get a Peyronies Disease bent penis, find their erection starts to straighten out after this time period.

The other 60% have to be straightened by some method or remain bent forever.

The Hidden Factors

Genetics sometimes plays a role in Peyronies Disease. Or influences it.

But, the real cause of these scars is almost always nutritional. Lack of sufficient proper nutrients to heal normally.

Certain nutrients are required for strong blood vessels and proper healing.

Omega 3 fats are critical to proper healing. But, because of modern food production methods, 80% of the population is deficient in this vital nutrient.

Vitamin C, B vitamins and adequate protein are also required to heal properly.

Most humans do not get nearly enough Vitamin C. Most get barely enough to avoid scurvy. Most are B vitamin deficient.

Just surviving requires far less nutrients than living well with glowing health. Just because you are breathing does not mean your body is functioning optimally or correctly.

A low vitamin, low mineral diet, will make weak blood vessels and cause poor healing. For 1 in 100 men this will often results Peyronies Disease.

Avoiding Peyronies Disease

A man who has Peyronies Disease bent penis needs to take a serious look at his diet.

He needs to make sure he is getting all the nutrients his body requires. He must cut out the nutritionally empty junk foods and eat only natural health building foods. A primitive diet (meat and vegetables) is best.

This is the diet our bodies developed on (in perfect health) for hundreds of thousands of years.

Today, because of modern food production methods, we also need to supplement with fish oil (Omega 3 fats) and vitamin C to get these nutrients.

Staying Well Is Really Pretty Simple

With a proper diet and adequate nutrition, a body will strengthen and heal much more properly. And, with proper nutrition, a Peyronies condition, once corrected, is not likely to occur again.

~ William

Source by William Zee

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