The Importance Of Wind Energy


A major plus to wind energy, is that the energy itself is free. However, it is important that when established, it is in an area with plenty of wind and resources to create the power. So that a long-term project can supply energy for a sustained lifetime. Wind energy can power entire neighborhoods and businesses with a turbine grid set up. It is able to supply power to large areas, as well as smaller vehicles and buildings. Versatility of wind energy is what makes it such an important resource. Depending on the power demand, large and small-scale turbines are available. However, this creates the versatility to choose how much power is going back into the grid to supply the energy.

When the wind turbines are in the first stage of erection, there is no way of knowing what the output power will be. Wind speed studies are normally implemented and this data is given a long-term projection. As the wind speed increases, there is an increase in the energy production. So, with wind energy increasing from 6 m / s to 10 m / s can mean that at 6 m / s the energy production was 67 percent, but a small increase to 10 m / s means there is an increase to 134 percent. This is a huge amount of energy being produced and added to the power grid. These variations in wind speed are important to know, to account for the anticipated wind energy production. So knowing the area is very important.

Wind energy is also important, since on a smaller scale, farms and small plants can use this power, saving the farmer money, as well as allowing them to supply their own energy to the area. Though the wind speed will vary at these locations too, the energy created can also be used to power smaller vehicles, allowing the company to become more self-sufficient and power their own vehicles and machines on the farm. While, again on a larger scale it can produce enough power to run entire neighborhoods and businesses. This extra power is enough to sustain these areas, releasing the stress off of a typical power plant.

Wind energy is important since it is a renewable resource that can forever be used, as long as there is wind. There is no end to it and this is a very clean form of energy to use. There are no harmful emissions or pollutants that enter the atmosphere from using them. Instead they are completely clean and natural. Wind energy has a very small impact on the environment and it is only through the wind turbines that are built to create the energy. Once these are in place, there is very little more to do and the wind energy should very little, if any negative impact on the environment.

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