The Benefits of Chastity Before Marriage


If you are to be married, one priceless gift you could give to your beloved is yourself – untainted.

Although in these modern times, virginity before marriage has declined and non-virgins are accepted by the society, still, men would get that ego-boost marrying a virgin. Even St. Joseph was confused if he would accept his fate in rival with God's will. However, because of his humility, he got into his fate and went into that marriage planned by heaven.

Meanwhile, the focus of this article is chastity, as a "virtue." Imagine, exploring someone that will be forever yours, till death, in marriage. And being with someone who will explore your body, too – with all its beauty and un-beauty in moments you need to uncover yourself with sophistication, to thrive in naivety. Your self, indeed, is a gift to your beloved, where in marriage your bodies would become one and grow into love together, and bear children.

A woman gets that heavenly confidence and trust, while saying to her husband "My hymen's not broken." And that is right because marriage is sacred. But then, don't discriminate because love comes more than being a virgin or not a virgin. Love is the greatest of all.

To be chaste needs extra care. It is living without malice and preserving the self for God, in a gift-package for the beloved. In a sense, as a woman, they say: your lips must taste like "wasabi" and your tongue clean for enough kissing on the wedding day. Your breasts must be full and firm for your husband and down your womb must be worthy to be a mother.

Marriage is not easy. It is building a basic unit of a society, and therefore marriage must be giving, understanding, and sacrificing. It should not always escape into divorce or an annulment (as in extraordinary cases), if one spouse falls into a bunk. And so the body, of a man and a woman are tied like the earth and sky, held in the hands of God. That is why in the Bible, the man and woman leaves his / her mother and father to become one, because the woman is from the rib of the man, his spouse. Hence, the value lived by a family, and the sacred marriage of the husband and wife are examples of strong temples built for the benefit of progress around the world.

Chastity is a woman's crown, when from many men she triumphed to preserve it for just one man – the beloved. And though that beautiful, naïve body would age, melt, and sometime die – its meaning will forever be etched in the womb of the earth and the happy face of God. Keep my heart safe!


Source by Rosalinda Flores-Martinez

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