Reverse Psychology: How to Use Someone’s Own Mind Against Them


One of the best ways to influence is the use of reverse psychology. It plays on the darkest part of our psyche that does not want anyone else to get what they want. Basically, If you really want something, you can say flat out what you want. Chances are that they are most likely to say “no” because they are being defiant. Once you make your true desires be known, it is probably too late to get the best aspects of reverse psychology.

Who does reverse psychology work on?You can usually spot people who reverse psychology will work on because they are: angry, defiant, childish or bored. This encompasses most children and almost all adults at some time or another when their day is going pathetically.

How does reverse psychology work?If you have a defiant person on your hands, in essence, simply ask for the opposite of what you want. You mother was probably very good by saying something like, “I hate it when your room is clean.” If you were in a tyrannical mood, you would clean up just to spite her.

Using reverse psychology on adults

• Exclusivity: People want what they cannot have. Why do you think airlines have a curtain between first class and coach? You might think that the possibility of preferential treatment for all first class passengers is a perfect reason to upgrade, but the stuff you don’t see… that makes it so desirable.

• You can’t have it: Tell someone they can’t have something only serves to expand their greed. There’s something provocative about the sentence: “Let us be friends.” Women like to use this term. You can flirt together all you want, but the moment you act on these mixed signals, now you’re stuck in the “Friends” drawer forever. So what’s stopping you, using this reverse psychology before she does? It will make someone crazy when you use their methods back on them.

• Rarity: Advertising companies use this kind of reverse psychology all the time: “limited time offer! Only 3 at this price!” If there is not much left, you better get one now! How can you use this? By not being so available. Never let your boss or lover know how truly efficient you are! Sometimes, don’t answer your phone or don’t respond to texts immediately. Someone who is not available all the time is desirable.

• Presumptions: When you say something that’s the furthest thing from your target’s mind, you still plant that seed. It confuses them and now they can’t get it out of their minds. For example, what if during a conversation with the object of your affection, you blurted out, “I would never pour warm chocolate all over you!” You can guaranty there was no way they were thinking about this, but now you can be sure they are thinking of nothing else…

• You are not interested: Once you let on that you really want something, you just lost all your bargaining power. It’s best to do all your freaking out on the inside and then find faults with the thing you want so the seller is forced to bargain with you. Obviously, the seller knows you’re interested, but the more you have to make them “sell” to you, the more it wears down their resolve.

• Using jealousy: Clearly, you’ve seen it when someone parades a better looking person in front of their ex. It’s pretty blatant, but it definitely works!

Source by Damon Silverwood

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