Remove hair from armpit and sensitive areas

Remove hair from armpit and sensitive areas

The simplest steps to remove hair from sensitive areas

When unwanted hair is in a sensitive area, such as the underarm area, the pubic area or around the nipple, care should be taken when removing the hair. Some methods, such as solvents designed for less fragile skin on the legs, will not be suitable for the most sensitive areas and may cause irritation of the rash. If it is not possible to have a professional in hair removal, be sure to read the label of any hair removal product used to ensure that the product is safe for the area you want to use.

Steps to remove hair from sensitive areas

You can follow these steps to remove hair from sensitive areas:

The first step

Shave the hair with razor blade. This is usually the cheapest and easiest solution. Long or thick hair can be cut with scissors first to facilitate shaving. For sensitive areas, be sure to use plenty of water and shaving cream or shave in the bathroom to avoid skin irritation. If you tend to feel your hair or sensitive skin, feel good towards hair growth. Otherwise, shave against the grain. However, shaving can cause irritation of the skin and foreskin with hair growth, so it may not be perfect for everyone.

The second step

Use a hair remover designed for bikinis or armpits. Normal deodorants can be very hard, so read the warnings on the label and follow the instructions carefully. Try your cream first in a small, unclear area to see if your skin has any reaction to the product. The skin may be angry after using a hair remover. You can use a small bottle of cream after waxing, and this helps alleviate the discomfort.

The third step

Place the strips of wax or wax in the desired area and remove the hair according to package instructions. Again, make sure the wax is for the area you want to use. You can also get a professional wax in the area if you are nervous. If the skin is irritated after the waxing, try to apply could pressure on the affected place.

The fourth step

Eliminate unwanted hair long-term or permanently by laser hair removal or electrolysis. These methods can be expensive but they do not work for everyone. With laser hair removal, the laser destroys the hair follicles. In electrolysis, each individual hair root receives a shock that is supposed to prevent hair growth from the back. When you have an appointment, the doctor will advise you to take care of this type of hair removal.

The Fifth Step

Mulberry is fast, but it can be painful for some women. Wash your hands carefully before filling and polluting in a well-lit area so you can see what you are doing. Hold the hair firmly with tweezers near the root where you can get and tighten the hair. This method is useful in places where there are only a few unwanted hairs. If the skin becomes irritated after the filling process, you can apply cold pressure until you feel better.

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