Quality, Innovation and Style – The Profile Electric Range Collection From GE


When you choose any model from the GE Profile electric range collection, you’ll know as soon as it’s in your kitchen that you have chosen a stylish appliance of the highest quality. New features include heavy duty stainless knobs, stainless sculptured handles, self clean oven racks for ease of cleaning and the 3,000 watt 12″/9″/6″ tri-ring element to accommodate more pot and pan sizes and cooks 3 areas in 1 element!

The GE Profile range collection includes the options of a freestanding unit, a 30″ slide in or a 30″ drop in unit, single oven or double oven. The 30 inch freestanding double electric range has 2.2 cubic feet of space in the upper oven, with a generous 4.4 cubic foot lower oven. With dual size ribbon elements you choose the burner size based on your needs! On one side both burners can be either 6 or 9″, and on the other side select 9 or 12″ burners.

Finally, the freedom to change the size of your burner based on the size of your pan, saving electricity and possible injury from improper pan/burner ratio! The warming zone feature provides a lower heat, allowing all of your dishes to be served at the right temperature at the same time. The TrueTemp system and eight-pass broil element distribute heat evenly, giving you food is cooked exactly the way you intended it! The double oven controls provide easy to use instruction, so you can concentrate on creating delicious food, not on making sense of the controls!

The GE Profile 30″ Slide-In Electric Range boasts the Precise Air convection system- with multi-rack convection bake and convection roast. Convection cooking means exceedingly even results! Heavy duty die cast knobs and glass touch controls are simple to use and clean up easily. The bridge element accommodates small to over-sized pots and pans. A super large oven with the True Temp heat delivery system and heaving duty self cleaning racks made of double coated porcelain enamel just might inspire you to bake things you never dreamed of!

Whichever model you choose, a Profile Range from GE will provide you with years of high quality, hard working use with classic style!

Source by Barry Andrews

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