how much weight can you lose on clean 9

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how much weight can you lose on clean 9

make a flying start on the way to lasting weight control. This efficient and easy-to-follow “cleansing” program gives you the tools you need to start today to transform your body. Discover how your body changes in 9 days. Get My FREE book, “Fitness With Style”.


How does C9 work?

The total C9 program lasts nine days. Step by step you will get started with the nutrition package, the daily planner, tips, and recipes. Before you start, write in the brochure what your goals are. Then use the daily schedule that leads you completely through C9.

C9 is not a crash diet! You do not have to starve. You can eat vegetables and fruits right from the start. It is advisable to eat two pieces (or portions) of fruit and vegetables for the first two days. A list can be found in the C9 booklet on page 14 (click here). This is definitely not a “sin” – this diet is low in calories and contains vitamins, minerals, and fibers. Forever F.I.T. Is a healthy lifestyle program for a healthy and slim version of yourself!

how much weight can you lose on clean 9

The content of your C9 package for 9 days:

Top 10 Reasons to Drink forever Aloe Vera gel

c9 weight loss reviews clean 9 free foods forever living clean 9 testimonials
Forever Aloe Vera Gel ™ (2X 1 Liter), Forever Lite Ultra ™ (15 Meals) available in two flavors (Vanilla or Chocolate), for Forever Garcinia Plus ™ (54 Softgels), for Forever Lean ™ (36 capsules) Forever Therm ™ (18 tablets for NL and BE 9 tablets), Forever Fiber ™ (9 Sticks), Tape Measurement and C9 brochure / instruction booklet.


Art. No. 475-476 Please note when ordering: Item number 475 is for Forever Lite Ultra Vanilla, item number 476 is Chocolate. The result After 9 days you will eat healthier and move more. You feel fitter and vitality. You also learned a lot about nutrition, sports, and weight loss. Now is the time to get through. So start with F15 immediately. “SATISFIED WITH THE RESULT: A FITNESS AND SLENDER VERSION OF YOURSELF!”

forever living c9


If you are currently using any form of medication or under medical treatment, for example, diabetes or heart failure, we recommend that you turn to a doctor before starting any exercise program and/or dietary supplement. The C9 and F15 are not suitable if you are pregnant, want to become pregnant or breastfeed.

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