Maxisulph Gel and Powder

MSM is a key ingredient in Maxisulph. It is a naturally occurring form of organic sulfur – a key building block in all plants and animals. About half the body's sulphur is concentrated in the muscles, skin and bones, and is a major component of cartilage and connective tissue. MSM is also important for the health of the immune system. Supplementing the body's natural level of sulfur can help to repair damaged tissue and maintain optimal function.

MSM is of low toxicity and is suitable for long term use. However, anyone taking prescription medication should check with their practitioner before taking supplements.

Maxisulph Gel is a soothing gel containing MSM and essential oils of chamomile, lavender and eucalyptus in an aloe vera base. It has a light, non greasy formula which is easily absorbed, beneficial for aches, strains and cramps in the legs it is also soothing when applied to any area that is causing discomfort.

Maxisulph Gel can help soften and improve the quality of the skin, and is also beneficial to scars and skin irritations, It can safely be applied to sensitive skin and even sunburn.

Maxisulph powder can also be added to the bath to ease stiffness in the joints and muscles, or even used on the toothbrush as a natural whitener for the teeth!

Take between half and one teaspoon twice daily, mixed with water or fruit juice.

How long does it take to start seeing results?

This depends on factors such as your symptoms, general health and fitness. Some people see results within days, others may take up to a couple of months. Most people would hopefully see a difference within 3-6 weeks. You may see results more quickly by increasing your daily intake in the first ten days.

Does the Maxisulph range have any side effects?

No. Maxisulph products have no known side effects, allergic reactions or toxic effects.

Will Maxisulph interact with my other medications?

There are currently no listed drug interactions with MSM based products, although if you are being prescribed any medication it is advisable to check with your practitioner before taking any supplement.

Is Maxisulph a natural product?

Maxisulph MSM is a form of organic sulfur. It is 100% pure, with no additives. It has a similar toxicity to water and is safer than salt! These factors make it suitable for long term use.

I have experienced symptoms for many years. Can Maxisulph products still help me?

Yes! The Maxisulph range can be particularly beneficial for severe long standing symptoms. Age isn't important either, as the Maxisulph products can help people of all ages.

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