Lint Rollers – Ten Ways to Use a Lint Roller

1. Remove pet hair from your clothes. A lint roller works great for removing your own hair that has collected on your clothing, as well as for cleaning pet hair. One sheet can usually pick up the bulk of the hair from your clothing in just a minute or two.

2. Quick clean of your car upholstery and carpet. If you have kids and/or pets, you know how fast your car can become overrun with stuff. That stuff leads to debris collecting on the carpet and upholstery of your car! In between vacuuming, run a lint roller across these surfaces to keep the debris away and your car looking clean.

3. Clean hard to access areas in your car. We all want our car looking spotless, especially if there is a guest riding along. Keep a lint roller handy for picking up dust that accumulates on the dash-it only takes a few swipes of the lint roller to pick that up. When detailing your car, tear of a sheet of the lint roller and wrap it around your fingers, patting hard to reach areas of your car to easily get them clean.

4. Remove lint from clothing. After doing the laundry, have a lint roller handy to roll across your clothing as you fold them. This keeps your clothing looking fresh right from the closet!

5. Help clean glass breakage from your floor. We have all experienced the breakage of glass on the floor. It’s not a fun experience. Even after you have swept or vacuumed it up, you are afraid there are small pieces left on the floor. To help ensure those pieces are picked up, run a lint roller all around the floor in the area where the glass broke, to help.

6. Clean small debris from inside a drawer. You know how small pieces of this and that seem to collect inside your drawers. Just a few rollers of a lint roller can remove the bulk of that and make your drawers look neat and tidy again. To get the corners clean, tear off a sheet from the lint roller , crease it and pat each corner a few times.

7. Remove sand from inside a bag after the beach. You know how it is to come home from the beach and somehow sand has collected in the bottom of your bag. A lint roller can pick up that sand quickly and get your bag ready to use in short order.

8. Clean the inside of your purse. A mini lint roller is perfect for cleaning the inside of a purse! If you don’t have a mini roller, tear off the sheet of a regular roller, wrap it around two fingers, and pat the bottom of your purse until clean.

9. Clean the closet where you store your shoes. In between vacuuming, a lint roller is a great way to keep the debris under your shoes at bay!

10. Clean the furniture, drapes, bedspread and lamp shades in your home. A lint roller is a great way to keep all of these areas looking fresh! If you are trying to get ready to sell your home, a lint roller is a perfect tool to have on hand for cleaning up these areas prior to a showing.

Source by Stephanie J. Elsen

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