when the novus customer startsin forever, you receive a 15% purchase discount on all forever products.

Each step you take within the marketing plan is measured in Credits Boxes (CC), a system adopted internationally by Forever to define the value of each product.

Each new Forever entrepreneur (F.B.O) starts in the marketing plan as “Novus Client”.

The next step and that of Assistant Facilitator, who qualified by accumulating at least 2 CC in a maximum period of two consecutive months.

The new Forever entrepreneurs (F.B.O) who want to build a business with Forever are starting, for the most part, buying the program “GO 2 FBO” directly.

This program consists of best-selling products worth 2 CC (Novus Customer Award 1,603 CC). Companion of commercial tools to launch your business.

These tools will allow you to start the activity with a method,

effective and in a proven way, to optimize your success and develop your business in a sustainable manner reaching directly the level of Assistant Animator.

After placing your 2 CC order and becoming an Assistant Animator,

you have the right to buy forever products at a 30% discount on the purchase price and receive an immediate discount of an additional 5%. .

It does not matter if you use the products for your personal use or sell them to your customers,

the immediate discount will always come back to you.

You can also sponsor new Novus clients, start building your team and, in turn, you will receive a bonus in the billing that you generate (from the Animator level).

Forever Marketing Plan offers the opportunity to turn your business into a successful business.





When you and your team reach a total of 25 CC in two consecutive months, you reach the next level in the marketing plan: Animators.

As an FBO Level Animator, your personal discount is 8% when you develop your team and accompany the FBOs at the level of Assistant Animator. At the beginning of your business, the amounts collected allow you to continue developing your business. You can reach up to € 540 or more and get a group bonus ranging from 3 to 8%. Your income will increase gradually.


Do you want to earn more? Continue progressing in Forever’s marketing plan and reach the next step:

Deputy Manager, Always achieving thanks to you and your team, 75 CC in 2 consecutive months.

At this point, you are on your way to becoming a future Manager. Your personal discount increases from 8% to 13%.

Your income at the Assistant Manager level can amount to € 1040 or more per month.

but the essential lies in your commitment to your teams and your investment in the development of your business. This can be comparable to that of a traditional company (SME), with the difference that it has no obligation with respect to the initial investment.

With Forever, without financial investment and thanks to the marketing plan,

depending on your motivation and commitment, you can expect to leave your paid work after two years of activity with forever part time.

It is then that you can invest 100%! But how ? When reaching the level of Manager, always thanks to his commitment and that of his team and the realization of 120 CC in a period of two consecutive months. Your personal discount increases up to 18% and you get a group bonus ranging from five to 18%. At this level, your income can reach € 1550 and more per month.


The manager is not the final goal, it is a key step.

This is a very important part of the marketing plan, you make a difference by developing, encouraging and managing your teams daily.

In this stage, your income is very comfortable thanks to many Challenges that help you to progress. And to help you develop your team and your business,

Forever distributes to you as a manager an additional bonus of 2 to 6% on the income of the managers of their teams. His work and therefore rewarded in time and continuously.

When you help people on your team to become a manager, you continue to scale Forever’s marketing plan. With two personally sponsored managers, you become a Senior Manager, then with five managers, you become the Esso Manager. Then Sapphire Manager (9 manager) with an increase in his additional bonus of 3 to 7%, and the Administrator of Diamante Sapphire (17 Managers) increased by 4 to 8%, then the Diamond Manager (25 Managers), with additional bonus percentage ranging from 5 to 9%. As you have understood, the more you progress in Forever, the more your team will grow and your income will increase.

Forever’s marketing plan gives you the opportunity to access comfortable income and take control of your future!


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