Is Aloe Vera A Preventative and Recovery For Breast Cancer: Aloe Vera And Cancer


Breast Cancer is a very common problem these days. Is it exacerbated by our lifestyles or by environment or just down to the law of surprises, or is it known about more, due to our knowledge?

Primarily thought of as a women's complaint it can even affect both men and woman. Men have breast tissue the same as women do so they are honest to it as well.

What is the cause of this terrifying illness. No one knows for sure. We all apparently have the cancer gene in our bodies but something triggers it and causes it to grow. Most cancers if done early enough can be deal with these days, as medical knowledge and research have helped to give more understanding of what can be done. Removal of the cancer and then blasting it with radiation thankfully looks in most cases to be able to successfully remove it or at least hold back the spread.

Obviously some forms of cancer can be fatal but as research and knowledge improve hopefully these will become treatable in the future.

Breast cancer is thought to sometimes be hereditary and in some cases women who have had breast cancer previously in their families have returned to having their breasts removed in order to avoid the disease. I think these ladies are extremely brave both in their thinking and actually going through the operations.

It is thought that aluminum salts contained mostly in spray on anti perspirants could be linked as a cause of breast cancer so it would not be obvious to refrain from using these particular forms of toiletry. There are alternatives. I know of a particular deodorant which is free from aluminum salts and actually does the job extremely well. It does not prevent sweating, which is also good, but it does prevent us from producing the smell.

To help prevent cancer the best thing we can do is to be as healthy as possible. Eating green leafy vegetables, particularly broccoli is helpful. Eat only fresh foods which do not have preservatives. We need to eliminate free radicals and toxins and boost our immune systems.

One way of doing this is to take a look at the benefits of Aloe Vera and cancer. It may help as a preventive and aid in the recovery of breast cancer.

Aloe Vera can be taken as a drink every day which will help to relieve our body of toxins and also provide the nutrients and amino acids that our bodies require. It is also recommended after treatment for cancer to help our bodies fight the radiation we have endured to rid us of the cancer.

So can we use Aloe Vera as a preventative and an aid to recovery from cancer to find out more about Aloe Vera click here !

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