How to Tell Your Period Is Coming | First Period Signs!

hey guys it’s Stylenovi and today’s article 2is going to be how to tell your period 5is coming and this is probably one of 7the most requested period articles so I wanted to make it for you guys and if you guys could please and give this article a thumbs up I feel like I’ve been in a period role lately and you guys have been loving my period articles
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playlist with all of my period articles down below in case you guys are new and you want to watch all of my period articles or just all gonna be in one place super easy so a lot of people will just kind of say oh you know your period it’ll come when it comes you know just

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give it time like you know you can’t predict these kinds of things and truth be told you can never have an exact date but there are actually a lot of things that you can look for to indicate that your period will start so I’m going to be giving you guys some things to kind of look for to tell if you’re close togetting your period number one ask your mom how old she was when she started her period studies actually show that you are very likely to get your period within one year of when your mom got it so if your mom got her period at let’s say 13 then from 12 to 14 because that’s when you’re younger when you’re older that’s kind of the range in which you’re most likely to get your period from 12 to 14 if your mom had it when she was 13 so the next one is a little bit awkward to talk about but are you growing pubic hair and for those of you guys that don’t know what pubic hair is it’s basically hair on your vagina and are you growing hair down there are you growing armpit hair um if you aren’t then your problem not going to get your period for a little while once you start growing armpit hair and pubic hair your period is most likely to come within one to two years of that so another thing that’s a little bit awkward is vaginal discharge are you getting discharge and for those of you guys that don’t know what it is it’s this kind of whitish sometimes yellowish thick kind of gummy substance that will be on your underwear like when you go to bathroom or whatever and a lot of girls seem to be really really concerned with this charge I’ve gotten so many comments about that girls are like freaking out thinking that they’re gonna die because they’re having discharge and it is completely perfectly totally 100% normal this is a goo indicator that you probably will be starting your period soon also do you wear a bra if your boobs are coming in protruding kid coming into their shape then that’s a good sign that you’re going to get your period I knew this girl in fifth grade and she had the most humongous boobs ever they were like bigger than the teachers science shows that you can get your period as young as like eight or nine or as old as fifteen or sixteen and have that still be considered normal so 12 to 13 is just kind of the general range but you can get it much younger and you can get it much older and so just know that there’s a pretty big range of what’s considered normal so don’t feel like you’re some freak if you got it at like 9 or 10 or if you’re 14 and you still haven’t gotten it if you are 16 and you still haven’t gotten your period you should actually consult with a doctor because it’s a sign that you could have a medical condition called primary amenorrhea which basically just means that you haven’t got your period yet so it is best to consult with a doctor and you know see of everything good and everything’s on track so that is how to kind of tell if your period is coming or not this article was super requested I hope it helps you guys out and remember to give this article a thumbs up because if it gets 1,000 thumbs ups then I will pick a random comment down below and I will send is really pretty lipstick and so yeah don’t forget to give this article a thumbs up and comment and subscribe if you’re not already and again I’ll link my period playlist down below so you guys can watch all of my period articles and find out more info and yeah not big kiss because I love you guys and bye guys

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