How to Make and Store Gel From Whole Leaf Aloe Vera


Aloe is a common houseplant that has a lot of uses not to mention medicinal benefits. It has been used for centuries as a folk remedy. The gel found inside the whole leaf aloe vera helps soothe minor burns. A lot of hospitals actually use it in their post-burn care to make patients recover faster. Aloe stimulates skin renewal and it contains healing properties. It’s also great in reducing the inflammation of insect bites. There may be various commercially-prepared aloe products but making sure there are no chemicals in the gel is still better.

Making a gel out of whole leaf aloe vera is not at all difficult. You can use a pairing knife to cut off the spiked edges of the outer leaf and with the use of a vegetable peeler, remove the skin on one side of the leaf. Scoop out the inner gel-like pulp with a spoon and place it into a blender. Next step would be to add 500 mg of powdered Vitamin C and 400 IU of Vitamin E to the gel. Your ratio would be 500 mg of Vitamin C and 400 IU of Vitamin E for every ¼ cup of the gel. If you can’t find powdered Vitamin C at your local health store, you can just crush the tablet into powder using the back of the spoon. As for your Vitamin E, prick the soft gel and empty the contents, you don’t have to put the capsule itself to the mixture. You only need the content.

The reason why you’re adding Vitamins C and E to your whole leaf aloe vera is because of the extra health benefits and they can help preserve the gel for a longer period of time (up to 8 months). Blend everything together and put the mixture in a clean container that you can seal tightly. If you don’t want a trace of pulp in your home made gel, you can get a cheesecloth and filter the mixture before putting it in the jar. You want an air-tight container or jar to prevent air and moisture from getting into the gel.

If you don’t want to place the gel in your refrigerator, you can store the bottle in a slightly cool, dark place. Your cabinet is a great space where you can keep your aloe vera. Room temperature works fine as well just make sure you keep it away from extreme temperatures for a long period of time.

If you have leftover whole leaf aloe vera and you want to preserve it, you can place it inside the freezer. The best way in doing this is to put the leaf in a Ziploc bag, it will be indefinitely preserved just do not heat it if you want to defrost it. Set the leaves out of room temperature for a couple of hours.

Source by Sherise Hyman-Embrey

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