Great Tips For Vaginal Odor Relief From a Past Sufferer


I used to suffer from fishy vaginal smell almost always which made me feel unclean. Despite taking showers twice a day and washing my vaginal area thoroughly the smell persisted. It used to go away for a short while after bath and reappear by the end of the day. I hated having sex with my boyfriend due to sheer embarrassment although he never said anything. I was desperate for help and willing to do anything to get rid of the vaginal smell which bothered me for over six months.

When antibiotics and over the counter treatment did nothing to improve my condition I looked up for online help. I found that it is perfectly normal for our vagina to have a kind of musky smell which we get used to over a period of time. What is undesirable and indication of a bacterial vaginal infection is a rotten fishy smell. This smell is one of the primary symptoms of vaginosis.

I learnt that instead of using antibiotics to get rid of vaginal smell natural remedies works the best. The first natural remedy that I adopted to clear my fishy vaginal odor was topical application of vitamin E of which Aloe vera is a natural source.

Another important method to get rid of vaginal smell is application of garlic in the vaginal area or eating raw garlic. This is one of the oldest natural cures that provide fast odor relief fast.

A few more tips from a past sufferer to keep vaginal odor at bay. Never use soap to clean your genitals. Do not use scented sanitary products in your attempts to mask the odor. The chemical present in these are known cause reactions. It is also important to avoid sex in a pool. Even if the chemicals are harmless they tend to kill the beneficial bacteria required to keep the vaginal healthy and odor free.

Source by Marie Paul

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