Colon Cleanse – 3 Drastic Things That Can Happen When You Clean Your Colon


Here are 3 of the drastic benefits of colon cleansing that I have experienced.

– Easier Weight Loss – You may have heard that you can jump start your weight loss effort with a good colon cleansing, as you may be harboring as many as ten pounds worth of impacted fecal matter according to some experts.

When I did my first colon cleanse I lost at least 9 pounds over a weekend so there is definitely truth to what they say that many of us may be carrying extra weight from waste matter lodged in our colons.

– Overall Health Improvement – By removing unwanted toxins and poisons from the body, colon cleanses promote overall health. Even if you do not necessarily feel unhealthy now, you will notice dramatic differences in your health as toxins and impurities are removed from your system, allowing your body to function the way it is meant to.

For me, after colon cleansing I did felt an overall increase in my wellbeing. I could think more clearly and I just felt healthier. I also felt great that I was taking action to help my health improve.

– Increase in Energy Levels – Nobody really notices how tired they are, or how badly their energy levels are lacking until they start to feel some of that energy returning. Boy, this was true for me! I just had no idea how lethargic I was BEFORE the colon cleanse until I felt the surge of energy AFTER it!

They say cleansing your colon and removing impurities from your body will restore your natural energy level, allowing you to get more out of your day, every day and they are right!

There are many other benefits of cleansing your colon but these are 3 that keep me motivated to keep my colon clean and healthy!

Source by Emily Belllows

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