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Get Laughing – The Truth About Godly Humor, Get Some Wow-Ness

Laughter is and forever will be one of the best “free-medicines” available to the human race, in my opinion. In actuality, it is so “free” in its abundance that laughter has over the years become a costly commodity. Consequently, people would pay hundreds of dollars, if not thousands, to see their favorite comic perform or […]

How To Make Your Wife Happy – A Married Woman’s Secret Wish List for a Happy Married Life

Introduction: This summary is to separate the facts from the assumptions and common misconceptions of husbands all over the world. Common Belief #1: A ring on a woman’s finger, makes her secure forever. Fact: Contrary to popular belief, marriage doesn’t make a woman secure enough not to demand their husband’s attention. We are a creature […]

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