Borneo Highlands, Kuching, Sarawak Set Me on Cloud 9

[ad_1] The mist began rolling in, like soft cotton clouds, gently enveloping the undulating greens of Borneo Highlands, 1,000 metres above sea level and within an hour’s drive from Kuching City, Sarawak. Watching the rolling mists from the reception area, I felt like I was in another world, maybe floating on Cloud 9, at the […]

Aloe Vera – Is It Just A Laxative (Part I)?

[ad_1] Herbs have been used as medicines for thousands of years. Till recently people relied on traditional systems of medicine that were based on observational analysis, It is only now that scientific methods have evolved enough to allow experimental research. However, this does not denigrate the observations made over centuries. Plants used in folk medicine […]

13 Tips To Prevent Infections Of Your Snake Bite Piercing

[ad_1] A vertical labret piercing, which is often called a snake bite piercing, involves two horizontal piercings on the opposite sides of the mouth which makes it looks like a snake bite. Among all type of piercings lip piercing has become extremely popular and fashionable nowadays. However it is extremely important to keep your lips […]

Forever Living Review – More Than Just Selling Aloe Vera and Bee Hives

[ad_1] Famous for being the planet’s largest grower of aloe vera plants, Forever Living is an international multilevel marketing company that has been in existence for 25 years. Well, apart from being the planet’s biggest grower of aloe vera, they are the world’s largest bee keeper as well, since they also market natural-based products from […]

Weight Loss Techniques and Products

[ad_1] The weight problem has become a disaster in the world. Being overweight comes with its challenges. Weight loss not only makes you look better but also helps you prevent some overweight-related disease. Some of the diseases related to being overweight include; heart complications, high blood pressure, and diabetes among others. There are different ways […]