Don’t Let Acne During Pregnancy Ruin Special Occasions For You!

You’re not alone… lots of women get acne during pregnancy… and it’s especially common to get acne in early pregnancy! You’re most likely to experience acne during your first trimester because that’s the time when your hormones are raging and your body’s oil production is increasing. How to Get Help with Your Pregnancy Acne Some […]

A Christian New Year’s Resolution – Wipe Those Muddy Feet!

For our family’s Christmas gathering, there were 9 children, ages 7 and under, running, hiding, playing, climbing stairs and enjoying their new Christmas toys all over our old 1920 home. There were still patches of snow around the house and the driveway was still coated with ice. One of my grandsons received a Nerf football […]

Thousands Now Consume Aloe Vera Products to Treat Depression – Here’s Why

Aloe Vera And Depression Depression is quite common in today’s society. Many people often get depressed for various reasons and causes. Note that there is a fine line between real depression and clinical depression. Real depression happens to all individuals like when a loved one passes away or when suffering from a broken relationship. Depression […]

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