Best Treatment for Skin Pigmentation


Everybody dreams of a flawless skin but let us face it; it does not turn real for all. Skin pigmentation can be quite annoying and disturbing but still it is possible to get a complexion free of all blemishes. There are several latest technologies available in the market that offers a blemish-free skin. They provide a treatment for all types of blemishes caused due to freckles, lentigo, sunspots, seborrheic keratosis, melasma, age spots and post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation.

Types of Treatment

Among the most effective techniques available is forever clear laser. This method targets the melanin present in our skin. It is there in abundance found mostly in the pigmented legions. The laser beam directed at such areas tends to heat the melanin and clears it. The lesser pigmented legions are cleared in no time with just one treatment session or two. Lesions that go deeper are removed between 1 to 6 sessions.

Go to the doctors and they will lay down a treatment plan that has been specialized depending upon your needs. Another preferred option is ultra brightening peel. It is a chemical peel of medium depth and it causes the skin to come off, thus, exposing the top dead skin layer and reveals a new skin tissue. It encourages collagen production which is effective in reducing superficial wrinkles. The specialized treatment plan under this is prepared by a doctor when consulted with the needs.

The needs-based approach is also followed with the melacure peel option. It is another superficial chemical peel that not only treats melasma properly but other pigmentations too and is useful for all kinds of skin. The procedure is free from any kind of pain and provides terrific results in the end. Skin pigmentation is a condition which is generally caused due to ageing, sunrays and genetic factors. It is common and is visible in the form of skin patches that are areas becoming darker owing to the presence of excessive melanin.

Perfect Cure

Though, the chemical peels are a permanent solution to the hyper-pigmentation problems in the skin, the lesser severe issues can be solved through natural remedies. The natural remedies include rubbing potatoes on pigmented areas and applying lemon juice with honey over the affected regions. Lemon juice acts as natural bleach also when it is mixed with turmeric and applied for time duration of at least 15 minutes. Rubbing onions and leaving it for 10 minutes is among the best options.

Even cucumber juice works if applied evenly with honey and lemon juice in equal quantities. Now, come to Aloe Vera that has healing properties for many other skin related issues. Apply it in the gel form every night half an hour before going to bed. Adding Vitamin E capsules to it increases its efficiency. A mixture of tomato juice, oatmeal and yoghurt work for 20 minutes and vinegar is effective when mixed with water. The list is longer but you may start with the options given over here.

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