Aloe Vera – Utilising Aloe Vera in the Treatment of Joint Pain in Humans and Animals

Fed-up of pain, hobbling down the street, and just wanting to alleviate the pain in your joints? Well, for many, the answer is unfortunately, ‘yes’.

This article looks at how the healing qualities of the ‘aloe vera plant’ which when mixed with other natural products may be used as a treatment for alleviating and potentially eradicating joint pain. The plant itself is a small cactus-like looking plant with leaves filled with a gel-like product.

The plant’s gel can be directly rubbed into effected areas, but not everyone has an aloe vera plant at their disposal. Fortunately, aloe based natural products exist in retail markets that can bring the benefits of this amazing plant to your door.

Aloe based gels come in many forms and have been created, tested and used to alleviate, reduce and potentially eradicate many conditions, especially skin disorders. For sufferers of joint pain, gels exist in retail markets that incorporate MSM (Methyl-sulfoyl-methane) in their product.

This organic sulphur is found in almost all living organisms and is the third most prevalent substance in the human body. This naturally occurring sulphur compound is crucial in forming muscles, hair, nails and skin. Acting as an anti-inflammatory agent, it works together with ‘glucosamine sulphate’ and ‘chondroitin sulphate’ as a defence against joint wear and tear. Glucosamine also stimulates the synthesis of cartilage in joints; reduces degradation and inflammation around joints.

These naturally occurring products when mixed with aloe vera are being used in crèmes that can be directly applied to problematic areas as a natural remedy to any joint pain related problem.

The naming of the aloe vera plant as the ‘ultimate healer’ by the ancient Greeks is well justified. The medicinal properties of this amazing little plant are questionably unrivalled in nature.

Below are some of the benefits of aloe vera and why it’s being hailed by many as a wonder plant in the cure of many health problems:

  • The plant extract is naturally ‘anti-inflammatory and can be used in the reduction of swelling.
  • It’s also anti-viral and helps prevent infection.
  • It’s very kind to skin and is used in many beauty products.
  • It assists in the production of collagen and elastin fibres which keep skin youthful
  • It’s exceptionally nourishing to skin and contains many vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

These are but a few of ‘aloe vera’s’ wonder properties. There are many other medicinal reasons to use aloe vera, particularly in relation to the digestive system, but these are not covered in this article

How to treat joint related problems:

The ‘aloe vera MSM gel’ should be massaged directly into problem areas to allow the agents of the crème to work directly at the source. It’s gentle on the skin, and doesn’t leave a residue.

Aloe gel supplements not only work for people and animals with joint problems, but for those who are at greater risk of injury to muscles and joints from sporting activities.

Source by Mark Fellows

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