Aloe Vera As a Detox Agent

Aloe Vera has been described as the "great healer". It is popularly used for all sorts of skin problems from burns to acne. How can it be used in a detox program?

One important fact about Aloe Vera is that when it is put on the skin, it penetrates to the third layer of skin. When using a product for the skin that contains Aloe Vera along with other ingredients, it is important to know what those other ingredients are. Make sure they are natural and good for the skin and the body as a whole. If a lotion with Aloe Vera contains Vitamins and other natural oils, that is good. If it contains chemicals, such as sodium lauryl, sulfites, or a petroleum product … beware! You could be delivering toxins into your system along with the good things.

Besides using Aloe Vera on the skin in conjunction with antioxidants that can remove toxins from the skin that cause brown spots and skin breakouts, it can be used as a colon cleansse and as a healer for the colon. It can also be used as a healer for the whole digestive tract, thus assisting in the delivery of powerful cleaning agents used in the detox diet. Aloe Vera has been used to actually rid the body of pinworms. It prevails and draws out any infection in the body.

Add Aloe Vera juice to your green drink and it will help to cleanse your colon while at the same time toning and soothing any inflamed areas in the digestive tract. It will enhance your detox program.

Source by Glenn Calvert

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