9 Tips to Fight Cellulitis


Cellulitis is a problem that affects 90% of all Western women. We are talking of millions of women that, somewhere in their life start suffering this anti-aesthetic condition. Until a few years ago it was an irreversible problem. Nowadays there are ways to treat it and procedures to prevent it.

Cellulitis can appear at any age. Even little girls may have Cellulitis, under certain conditions, some where in their body.

Taking care and getting rid of cellulitis is very difficult, you have to be prepared to face a long struggle against it and perseverance is the word to keep in mind.

There are new cosmetic products as well as new medical-aesthetic formulas that can help you fight cellulitis. It does not substitute your strong will but can be very helpful.

Before considering any treatment or preventive action you need to know if you are prone to cellulitis. There are a few tests you can do, ask your doctor for concealing.

Cellulitis is your enemy, you have to know it well.

In bold words, cellulitis is or like the experts use to stay, is a condition that affects mostly women at any age, is caused by hormonal changes, and consistants in an inflammation of the under skin tissues, that allows fat to accumulate in the form of nodules and depressions, presenting the appearance of orange skin texture. Cellulitis tend to appear mostly in certain areas: buttocks, belly, thighs, etc) But cellulitis is not a simple fat. Cellulitis is a complex for of fat, with gelatinous appearance, composes mainly of water, fat and other disposable substances. There are two kinds of components in it: the lipid ones that are due to the abnormal growth of fat and the vascular ones, which are connected with capillary fragility and responsible for the edema condition and reduced blood return.

To fight cellulitis you can follow these simple 9 tips:

1 – Have a balanced diet.

Do not eat more calories then the one you expend everyday, otherwise you are in trouble. If you are able to spend all the calories you intake they will accumulate in the form of fat and can trigger cellulitis. Avoid all forms of saturated fats and try to eat as much fruit and vegetables as you can. Physical exercise is needed in a daily basis.

2. Prevent ant treat cellulitis everyday of the year

People tend to be more concerned with cellulitis in the summer months, but for it is a all year job. You have to work on your cellulitis in the winter to see the results in the summer season.

3. Take vitamins A, C and D

Vitamins are essential in the fight against cellulitis. You can find vitamin A and C in fruits and vegetables, search for the richest ones

4. Submit yourself to regular lymphatic drainage

Cellulitis can prevent the movement of return. Here is where regular lymphatic drainage can be of great help because this king of massage not only eliminates the toxic substances associated with cellulitis but is the recommended treatment for circulatory problems, like lymphatic edema.

5. Move yourself

Spending too much tome sitting or standing is the worst thing you can do to your cellulitis. Move a little every 15 minutes and avoid being sitting with your legs crossed.

6. Exercise yourself

Physical exercise Promotes a better circulation, accelerates metabolism and burns fats. You have to gain this healthy habit, no matter what. Try 15 minutes everyday at the begging and slowly increase it till you manage to do sixty minutes vigorous exercise, everyday.

7. Choose comfortable wear and underwear.

Avoid clothes that are too tight to your body because they can prevent the proper circulation you need every second of your life to fight cellulitis.

8. Treat your skin with love and care

This is also an everyday concern: you need to clean your skin to eliminate the dead cells and activate the circulation of blood and lymph. The use of an exfoliating glove or horsehair is recommended for this. The anti-cellulitis treatments can penetrate better if your skin is clean.

9. Use good anti-cellulitis products

Ask your doctor what is the best anti-cellulitis for you. Please bear in mind that not all products available in the market have the same results in different persons. This is another daily habit to gain. The anti-cellulitis is applied in circular movements to activate circulation and oxygenate the area. In parallel, ask your doctor if you can take nutritional supplements based on substances that fight cellulitis from the inside. If the answer is positive do not allowed, these products can really make the difference.

Source by Andy Martorell

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