9 Tips on How to Best Use Your Perfume


Perfume, cologne, and other scented products can make a man smell good, but that isn’t all there is to fragrances. There are a number of reasons why men wear particular perfumes and colognes.

Here are some facts about perfumes that men should know about.

1. A simple way to give your clothes a nice aroma is to use a few drops of inexpensive perfume when ironing your clothes. Here’s how to do it. Put a handkerchief on an ironing board, spray some perfume onto it, then put your clothes on top of the handkerchief before ironing them. Not surprisingly, the scent will remain for some time.

2. If your cotton or silk clothes get stained, you should clean them as soon as you can. Since perfume doesn’t dissolve in water, perfume stains won’t be cleaned easily with just soap and water. It is recommended that ethanol be used do the job.

3. Good quality perfumes may be kept for up to five years. It is recommended that you keep any perfume you have in a suitable place. For example, it shouldn’t be put under direct sunlight.

4. Spraying perfume below your wrists with a strong aroma can affect how you smell food.This can be a positive thing if you are dieting as it can affect your appetite.

5. Drops from perfume won’t leave any stains on nylon and wool clothes. However, stains will be left on clothes that are made of silk or cotton.

6. When there is only a little perfume left in its bottle, its color may turn opaque. You can prevent this from happening by diluting it with some ethanol.

7. Avoid using strong scented perfume when at a hospital or clinic in order to not cause discomfort to patients as well as doctors.

8. If you are going to be in a formal setting such as a job interview, perfumes with strong scents should be avoided.

9. You can spray perfume on clean hair. However, oil and dirt on hair can affect the smell of perfume.

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