9 Critical Questions to Ask Yourself Before Raising Sheep and Getting Into the Sheep Business


There are several reasons why you might aspire to consider raising sheep. There are very a small number of states in the U.S. That cover year-round forage production like Oklahoma. Sheep are more efficient than beef cattle in the conversion of forage to retail manufactured goods. The early investment compulsory to commence a sheep enterprise is relatively low. Expensive sheds and barns are not obligatory; often buildings you already own will provide the dry, clean shelter required by sheep. Sheep production is not restricted simply to meat production, since wool moreover provides a portion of the returns. Fall lambing in Oklahoma has provided marketing of lambs throughout the height of spring lamb prices. These factors have made the sheep business a very profitable enterprise over the final several years.

Anyone in view of getting into the sheep venture must consider several things beforehand really purchasing some sheep. One of the primary things to consider is the preliminary size of the herd. Do you start with a business size group of 200 to 300 ewes or a lesser flock of 20 to 50 ewes. Of course, the feed supply on hand will be a major contributing reason in this decision.

Sheep are not challenging animals to raise; however, they do require a superior level of management than beef cattle. Therefore, if you have by no means raised sheep previously, the paramount proposition would be to commence with 20 to 50 ewes and after that improve records in coming years, if the sheep business is meant for you.

Before getting into the sheep business-ask yourself these questions:

1. Do I like sheep?
2. Will sheep fit into my current operation?
3. What size of sheep operation do I aspire?
4. Do I have acceptable facilities to carry out the quantity I want?
5. Will I have an ample feed supply?
6. Do I want to lamb in the spring or fall?
7. What breeds must I choose to accomplish my goals?
8. When and where can I promote my lambs?
9. Could I have a predator drawback?

Source by Chris M Hill

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